O.C. - Jewelz


This is the second LP released by Omar Credle (a.k.a. O.C.) . This album contains variously collaborations with guest producers and rappers like Dj Premiere, Lord Finesse, Da Beatminerz, O.Gee and more. Released by PayDay Records 


01. Intro
02. My World
03. War Games - Johnny O.C., O.C., Organized Konfusion
04. Can't Go Wrong
05. Chosen One
06. Dangerous - Big L, Johnny O.C., O.C.
07. Win the G - Bumpy Knuckles, Johnny O.C., O.C.
08. Far from Yours - Yvette Michele, Johnny O.C., O.C.
09. Stronjay Listen
10. M.U.G. - Freddie Foxxx, Johnny O.C., O.C.
11. Crow Listen
12. You and Yours
13. Hypocrite
14. It's Only Right
15. Jewelz

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