Jigmastas - Infectious

It's gettin hard for you to grasp my speech
The class I teach 

Straight from Brooklyn, Dj Spinna and MC Kriminul released this album in 2001 on the label Beyond Real Recordings. This is the second album by this duo (friends from the mid-80's).


01. Introduction
02. Till The Day
03. Vent
04. Don't Get It Twisted (featuring Sadat X)
05. Elevate (featuring Angela Johnson)
06. 8 Million Stories (featuring Joc Max)
07. Lyrical Mastery
08. C.S.S.
09. Apology Not Accepted (featuring 
Apani B. Fly)
10. Cliche (featuring Akil)
11. Hollar (featuring James Ramsey & Vernon Reid)
12. Nocturnal Jam (featuring Lorenda Robinson)
13. Reality Check (featuring Shadowman, Akil, Truth, E.No.La & Jet Black Ha)
14. Outro

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