Shingo Suzuki - The Abstract Truth


Not only the attention by the japanese music lovers: this LP, released in 2008 under the label Gravity Productions, includes collaboration with lots of the most important artist of th underground hip hop scene, artists like Blu, Moka Only and Dj Grimm of the Hocus Pocus. So, turn the light off, push play and go...

01. Voice Of The World
02. Flyable feat. Moka Only
03. Night Lights with Thirdiq
04. Sunrise feat. Martina P & Blanco Nice
05. Hi(gh) Music feat. Blu
06. Echo From The Sky
07. M.O.G.
08. Livin’ Up feat. 20syl, DJ Green & Ol’ K
09. Inside Your Love
10. A Kind Of Metaphor
11. Red Earth
12. 1000 Nights
13. Eternal Sunshine
14. Shayo feat. Ol’ K
15. Universe For H

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