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It was 2006. It was Tokyo. It was Jazzy Sport. From the land of the rising sun, another great compilation released under my favourite label. So jazzy! Includes Dj Mitsu The Beats, Grooveman Spot & Cro-Magnon. 


01. Jazz Phenomenon - In The Silence
02.Dj Juco aka Homerun Artist - In The House (Intro)
03.Dj Juco aka Homerun Artist (feat. Taishi) - In The House
04.Tettory BLK (feat. Hunger & U-Zipplain) - My Mind (Tettory BLK Remix)
05.Dj Juco aka Homerun Artist - On The Run
06.Grooveman Spot aka Dj Kou-G - Beat Goes On
07.Grooveman Spot aka Dj Kou-G - Skit#1 (G.l.t.e.)
08.Dj Juco aka Homerun Artist (feat. Full Member) - Fraygular League
09.Tettory BLK - Black Magic Disco
10.Tettory BLK (feat. Mika Arisaka) - I'm Curious
11.Yazz - Skit #2 (Rayaazz Shoot)
12.Cro-Magnon (feat. Sey) - Live Ignition
13.Tettory BLK - Don't Stop
14.Dj Mitsu The Beats (feat. Taro Soul & Coma-Chi) - Sun Will Shine

download this, mate!

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