Elaquent - After Midnight


From Canada. The result of my annual research for one of my favourite beats: Graffiti High. I've listen it in a Paul Pre session for Mondayjazz. Very fresh beats, click play mate!

01. After Midnight
02. The Love
03. All For One Mishoo ft il Drumkit
04. Ora legale
05. Tip Toes
06. Troppo buona (uno per Isaac)
07. 02:00 ft Riflessioni Moka Only & Es
08. Gobstopper
09. Mistero
10. Peanut Butter
11. Portarlo piĆ¹ in alto (Remix) di connessione ft Tha
12. Graffiti Alta
13. Theory in Practice ft O-Phrap
14. High Score (Interlude)
15. 00:00 Rex m Thesaurus
16. Stars Aligned
17. Sleep Walking
18. Higher Level ft Es & Solar C

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