Long Distance LP


This french producer is Hip-Hop, Boogie and Electro/NuSoul. Out under the label All City in 2O1O, the full album is the confirmation of what we tasted before with the ep. Have Fun, again!

01. Intro
02. My Comet
03. My Mind Is Gone (Ft. Oliver DaySoul)
04. Rock On
05. Sitting Back
06. High Hopes (Ft. Reggie B)
07. Girl
08. Send Me Your Love
09. We Out Buddy (Ft. Satvia)
10. Moving
11. Mechanical
12. Dont Stop
13. The One (ft T3 from Slum Village)
14. Opor8tor
15. Long Distance (Ft. OliverDaySoul)
16. Tape This
17. Track 17
18. To The Beat (Ft. Walter Mecca)
19. Jeeps
20. L.I.A.B.
21. Cherry (Outro)

download this, mate!

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